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Binary Options Trading Strategies

Trading binary options is a popular and interesting trading concept. There are millions of users all over the world, and many of them are quite successful in it. Even though the concept is quite simple, it is important to be informed and educated about market conditions and market analysis. Another key to successful trading is managing your finances, and in this article we will deal with some money management strategies.

Why is it important to apply a money management strategy?

Money management is important for several reasons. First, it helps you control the expenses and reduce the amount of money you lose. Second, it keeps you disciplined. Applying a certain money management strategy helps you stay within the frames you determined for yourself. And third, a proper strategy can also increase your earnings. Keep in mind that it is more difficult to apply a certain strategy if you use a binary robot or a money system like Millionaire Blueprint or something similar. However, with manual trading, these strategies are more than useful.

The Straddle

This is the most used money management strategy, especially among novice binary traders. It involves choosing both of the two options, so you can minimize the loss of money. With this strategy, you invest a certain amount of money to call an option and determine one time frame, but also invest the same amount of money to put the option and determine different time frame. This tactics is especially useful in the markets with high fluctuations, such as oil, gas and energy market.

Doubling Up

This strategy is usually used by more experienced traders. We can say this is the opposite of the previous strategy. It also involves trading the same asset within two time frames – but you should choose the same option both times. Therefore, instead of calling and put an option simultaneously, you will either call it or put it in both trades. In order to do this, you should know the market well enough and be able to predict the fluctuation in prices with high precision.

Knock-on Effect

This is also a strategy chosen mainly by experienced and highly skilled traders. It involves predicting that the change of price of one asset will change the price of the other. For example, if a price of oil rises, the price of some other commodities is likely to rise as well, such as oil or natural gas. 

With such presupposition, the traders can trade binary options of all related assets. Just like the previous strategy, this one also requires knowing the market well enough to predict the changes, as well as cause and effect of changes.

Custom strategies

The previous strategies are the most common and the most popular one in the world of binary trading. Naturally, if none of them works for you, you are encouraged to create a strategy of your own. You can base it on some of the known principles and change the details so they work for you.

When you gain enough skill and experience, you can even invent your own trading strategy from scratch. One way or the other, using a money management strategy will be beneficial for you binary trading.
September 18, 2016

Time Management Strategies For Binary Trading

Binary trading is a simple and interesting trading concept, and if you are new to it, you will quickly get interested. While it easy to understand and learn how to trade, it still requires some time. You need to follow the trends and changes in the market so you can determine the trading strategy.

Also, you should follow your trades so you can change the parameters if something goes other than planned. It all can be time-consuming, and you should know how to organize your time so you do not waste it.

What takes the most time in binary trading?

Binary trading can be very time-consuming in the beginning. What takes the most time in this period is learning the concept of trading, exploring the opportunities, different brokers, trading tools and the like.
Once you start trading, you should take time to analyze the market and stay informed on the trends, because this is the only way to be successful in trading.

Lastly, the amount of time you spend trading depends on the type of options and assets you prefer. In order to minimize the time you spend on trading and still remain successful, it is important to be well organized.

Find time to learn

Before you start binary trading, you should spend some time every day to learn about the concept, explore all the options you have, find the best broker etc. Click here to learn all this. Determine the time period you will dedicate to it each day, and stick with your schedule so you can have rest of the time for other activities.

Find the right market and type of options

When you start trading, you will notice that there are differences between different types of binary options. What’s more, there are also differences in the markets. For example, commodities such as oil and gas change prices very quickly. Stock market also has large fluctuations over short periods of time.

Then, you can trade with 60-minute options, or you can choose longer time periods. All of this determines how much time you will spend trading. Determine the best tactics for you, so that you bring together the efficiency, dynamic and a decent amount of time you will spend in front of your computer.

Make the schedule and stick to it

When you decide which market and types of options suit you best, you should determine the time of day and the duration of trading. Choose your “working hours” and fit the trading sessions within the provided time frame. Also, leave some of this time for reading the news and analyzing the market. This way you will separate the trading from your free time, which is especially important if you have another job in addition to trading.

Binary robots and signals

Binary robots and signals are trading tools which can save you a lot of time. You can register at Qbits MegaProfit or any other automated trading system and use it when something comes up or when you do not have time to trade within your predetermined hours. Similarly, you can use trading signals to help you make the trading decision in the periods when you do not have enough time to analyze the market and follow the news.

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