October 12, 2016

Pros And Cons Of Manual And Automated Binary Trading

With the increasing popularity of binary trading, the number of various trading tools has increased. Therefore, we now have many trading signals, robots and other automated trading systems. All of these serve to help traders be more successful and they can also save a lot of time.

Differences between manual and automated trading

Binary trading is placed on online platforms where the traders invest money and follow the prices of the assets they trade. At first, it was only done manually. The traders were supposed to deposit the money and manually set all the trading parameters. After this, they were supposed to follow the fluctuations in the market and maybe change the parameters if the platform allows it.

With the development of this trading method, many facilitating tools have appeared. Nowadays it is possible to use some of the trading robots and “autopilots”, such as Zero Loss Formula, for example. These software solutions allow traders to enter trading parameters and the software performs the trading for them.

Some robots even have the option of setting the parameters instead of the traders. Both manual and automated trading have their advantages and drawbacks, and to help you decide which method to use, we will present you with both sides of both methods.

Manual binary trading

Manual binary trading has several great advantages. First, you are in complete control of the process and you have the responsibility for wins and losses. Also, you determine the number of trades you execute, and you can end the trade earlier or change the prediction if you feel there is the need for it.

On the other hand, this type of trading can be very time-consuming, since you are required to spend time in front of the computer and follow the changes on the market and the fluctuations in prices. This is especially stressful and requires a lot of time if you trade stocks of large companies, such as those in oil and energy industry.

Automated binary trading

Automated trading is a relatively new concept and it is still being developed and perfected.

One of its biggest advantages is that it saves traders a lot of time. They can set the trading parameters and let the binary robot do all the work. Some of these robots have the control of the losses, so you cannot lose more money than you are willing.

Another advantage is that automated trading removes emotions from the process. They can often be harmful for the outcome of the trade, and sometimes it really is difficult to control them. Check out http://cybermentors.org.uk/.

On the minus side, not all binary robots are accurate and reliable. Since this concept is still relatively new, it is impossible to predict the fluctuations in price in a perfectly accurate manner.

Therefore, if you choose the best binary robot there is, it is still not likely to accurately predict more than 75-80 percent of your trades. However, since this concept is yet to be developed and perfected, in the future we can probably expect highly accurate and successful automated trading robots.

Richard Bailey

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